Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Switching Gears

One thing my son, James and I have always shared is our mutual love of vintage cars. I drove an absolutely fabulous one for my high school and early college years, although I didn't really appreciate how fabulous it really was until later : a two-toned blue 1956 Chrysler Imperial. What I LOVED about this car was the huge seats (plenty of room for my friends on our after-game Hire's runs), the amazing horn ring ( the horn sounded like a diesel engine coming down the track, LOL !), and last, but not least, the built-in record player !! You could only use special records ordered from the maunufacturer..hits like the theme from "Davy Crocket" and Eddie Fischer's greatest hits. The car was eight years old when I started driving it, but I drove it until it finally died, and I inherited mother's old Plymouth Valiant (not even close in sterms of style and kitchiness !).

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Kass said...

Cathy - Did that car really have a record player in it? Did you shift gears from the steering wheel? I didn't appreciate my Dad's '53 Ford either. What a dolt!